As an Expert, you have a lot of unique things to offer people through building a course.

Which means, you need unique support to help you build the course you desire. 

The Course Builder PRO System is not ONLY Course-Building Training. It's also EXPERT, CUSTOMIZED FEEDBACK each step of your journey so you never end up stuck, confused or in doubt. 

The goal of our program is to help you create a personalized Course Masterplan that covers the 4 Core Pillars of (successful) Course Building. 

When you take action in our 6 week program, you will walk away with:

1. A crystal clear COURSE OFFER so you can feel CONFIDENT in the course you are building long before you Launch it. 

2. A STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN ready to deploy even before you finish building out your course.

3. A fully structured + ORGANIZED COURSE CURRICULUM that prioritizes your student’s expereince and goals for transformation.

4. A simple + practical PLAN FOR FILMING and PRODUCING your course like a pro, no matter your budget.

You will have all the tools you need to execute your course without second guessing yourself. 

(After all, you'll have 4 Audit Stops along your journey.)

80% of the Major Decisions you have to make when building your course take place in the PLANNING. 

But far too many people don't have any idea how to plan a course and end up wasting money, wasting time and getting burned by jumping in blind. Most never end up making their course.

Our System is designed to help you strategically PLAN and get FEEDBACK on each of the 4 Pillars of your Course Build process so that executing your course is clear, strategic and doesn't waste your time or money.

"Those who FAIL to PLAN, PLAN to FAIL."

Who is the Course Builder PRO System Perfect for?

  • NEW Course Creators.

    Soon-to-be course creators who are filled with ideas and are longing to ground out these ideas will LOVE the exercises and templates we have in this course to turn your ideas into clear and concrete actions.

  • PAST Course Creators.

    Course Creators who either have a course they are not happy with and want to REVAMP or who are ready to UPLEVEL their course developemnt game will love the thoughtful details we teach you to consider when designing a quality course.

Course Builder PRO System

    1. Welcome!

    2. A Quick Tech Tour

    3. Knowing Your Student

    4. What Makes a Great Online Course

    5. Their Big + Little Problems

    6. Your North Star

    1. What is Your Marketing Goal?

    1. Creating Your Materials

    1. Action-Based Journey Overview

    2. Grouping & Structureing Your Ideas

    3. Template 1 Tutorial

    4. Template 2 Tutorial

    1. How to Prep your Curriculum for Filming

    2. How to Prepare Your Space for Filming

    3. Basic Tech to Consider

    1. How it All Fits Together

    2. My Final Words to You

  • $997.00
  • 17 lessons

4 Personalized Audits

1. Offer Audit - We review and give expert feedback on how you have pacakged your course offering so that your course stands out from the crowd and becomes magnetic to your audience.

2. Marketing Plan Audit - We review and give expert feedback on your marketing plan based on where your business is TODAY.

3. Curriculum Plan Audit - We review and give expert feedback on your curriculum plan, helping you design the best student expereince.

4. Filming Plan Audit - We review and give expert feedback on your filming plan, helping you increase the quality of your course production, while sticking to your budget. (includes gear recomendations).

Course Builder Playbook

The Course Builder PRO Playbook is your guide throughout the journey. It will keep you on track and give you the tools and assignments you need to map out a winning course. 

***As a BONUS, we have also included our SCRIPTS MADE EASY TEMPLATES (valued at $197) inside the playbook, completely free!! These templates will save you HOURS of time and keep you from toiling away on what to say because we give you the exact words you need.***

Ali Parnell is the CEO of Ali + Co Marketing and an Online Course Building Expert. Through her business, Ali and her team support their Agency Clients in building and marketing their online courses from start to finish; honing in on their unique skill sets and contributions to the market. Ali and her team also offer digital products and programs to support aspiring course creators and small businesses who are not ready for agency-level service just yet. In addition to her depth of experience in the Online Course world, Ali has also been a producer on a feature film and several short films which gives her powerful insight in bringing story and production value to the online business and digital education world.

Ali Parnell

CEO of Ali + Co Marketing


  • How much time will this take me?

    Each person and course idea is different, so it's hard to give a firm number. However, you can roughly expect to spend about 4 hours per week on the training material and implementation.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    You have 7 days to try our program. If you do the work and decide the program is not a good fit, we will refund your money 100%. You must turn in your first assignments before the 8th day of the course opening to qualify for a refund. (In other words, show us that you tried.)

  • I have other questions, how do I contact you?

    We are more than happy to answer your questions. Email us at